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Grade Levels

Aligned by General Grade Levels
Grades Level Codes on CSM Workouts are aligned by the following general levels.     

EE = K-2 Grades
(early elementary)
E  = 3-5 Grades 
(upper elementary)
EM =  4-7 Grades
(elementary to middle school)
M  = 6-8 Grades
(middle school)
MH=7-12 Grades
(middle school to high school)
H = 9--12 Grades
(high school basics)

Not "Locked Into Your Level"
Access to Workouts Above & Below
     The purpose of "No Child Left Behind" is for each school to asses their own needs and provide instruction accordingly. 
     Common Sense Math  is designed to help you meet the specific needs of your students.  You can go "down" or "up"  with Workouts as your classroom or students need.  
     Use Common Sense Math to supplement and customize your current curriculum to build skills needed for student progress and success. 

Supplement & Customize as Needed
  Needs vary from class to class and school to school. You can change the expectations and objective for workouts to make them fit your needs.  Easily activate their previous knowledge and build on it.
      CSM provides the problems, you provide the instruction YOUR students need.

Not All Students Get It at the Same Time
  • Many times students just "didn't quite get it" last year, but as they learn and build, it will finally "click" this year.  CSM gives teachers and parents a tool to help with those transitions.
  • Some students get it quickly or already know it. Common Sense Math provides an easily accessable tool to expand their knowlege to higher levels. 

Provide Tools for Home that Match and Support Your Teaching
     Students and Parents can easily and quickly know what you want in the classroom.

  • Purpose
  • Hints
  • Strategies & Skills
  • Vocabulary
  • Graphic Organizers
  • Matching Problems

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