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CSM resources provide teachers with both random & non random delivery of problems.  With non-random resources, teachers know what is coming next, and can deliver effective lessons. Random delivery, with CSM Online, gives students a great "workout". 
CSM Brochure (.pdf file)

1) CLASSROOM MATERIALS include printable & projectable worksheets & keys, multiple choices quizzes & keys, bubble sheets, Lesson Overviews, &  Power Points.

2) TEACH & PRACTICE DVD's are movies of workouts that play problems for display. Non-random and set to music, with graphic ttransitions. 

3) PRE-MADE TECHNOLOGY DATA FILES for popular brands of interactive white boards, wireless tablets and 'clickers". Easy to use with your current classroom technology.

4) CSM ONLINE WORKOUTS workouts are random and have many more problems to access.

(pre-made data files)

Easy Delivery of Lessons
(do more problems each day)

Maximize Technology
(whether a little or a lot)

Integrate High-Yield, Research-Based Instructional Strategies

Differentiate Instruction

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for more information

Teach & Practice DVD "Workouts" 
Movie that plays problems for display. Short, quick & powerful. Not random and set to music, with graphic ttransitions. 

  • Order of problems matches worksheets, quizzes, Power-Points, and software files & "clicker" lessons for common brands of technology. 
  • Supplement current curriculum, textbooks and resources
  • Control and vary delivery by pausing, rewinding, playing, writing, discussing, working
  • Integrate technology (projectors, wireless tablets, Interactive White Boards, "Clickers",  Student Computers,  DVD players & TV)
  • Engage students at all levels; recall of facts to problem solving to predicting with the same flashcard . Differentiate Instruction Easily
  • Create a sense or urgency to get students away from crutches, fingers, and calculators

See Sample Workouts


Table of Contents

Worksheets, Answer Keys, Quizzes, Bubble Sheets
match each DVD Workout and can differentiate
instruction easily 

  • Use cooperatively or independently with students
  • Integrate with technology

See Sample

Workout Lesson Overviews

  • Printable for students to use at school and home
  • Use for class instruction and note-taking
  • Matches the Lesson Overview on CSM ONLINE


See Sample


Power Points Same problems, as DVD's, Worksheets, Quizzes, Software & "Clicker" Lessons

  • Use to create unique "worksheets" by printing in the handout mode
  • Easily create bingo cards and other card games

See Sample

Pre-Made Software & "Clicker" Lessons for Major Brands
  • Already done for you, just open and use 
  • Both Numeric and Multiple Choice 
  • For Elementary through High School

More Info

Professional Development
1/4, 1/2, 1 or 2-day - Webinars or Onsite 

"Common Sense Math - Improve Student Achievement by developing Number Sense, Mental Math, Computation & Vocabulary"

  • Take Tips, Tricks, & Tools back to your classroom to use immediately
  • Elementary to High School  together learn what is taught above & below your level
  • Develop your own curriculum map with Math Standards & Instructional Strategies
  • Get ideas on aligning curriculum, from grade to grade, with common vocabulary, strategies & skills.
  • Earn College Credit


     The Classroom DVD Workouts differ from the ONLINE Workouts only because the DVD's are not random and the speed, on the DVD, is consistent. The DVD Workouts are a sample of the same ONLINE Workouts, but match the order of all the other TEACHER RESOURCES on the Resource Disks for more teacher control when delivering and teaching skills. You know what is coming next.

     The purpose of the non-random DVD's is to give teachers a tool that delivers good, solid problems that integrate research-based instructional strategies, quickly, easily and effectively.  For example, the previous problem may be related to the current problem and allow students to identify similarities and differences. Or the problems are grouped according to different strategies at the beginning for teaching purposes, but become mixed up later for application purposes.

     Whether using a TV and DVD player on a cart (use dry erase markers on TV's GLASS, not for newer TV's) or projecting the DVD's onto your chalkboard, dry erase board or interactive board, you have easy access to the type of problems that there is never enough of in your textbooks and other resources. You simply hit play and pause to have problems delivered "at a touch of a button"

     Using the pause and play buttons on the DVD remote, let's you spend as much time on each problem as needed.  Try some of these ideas. Remember, the possibilities are endless:

  • pause and demonstrate to students on TV or board
  • let students demonstrate their solution on TV or board
  • use an individual dry erase board, and let students write and show answer
  • have students write about the strategy they used to solve the problem
  • let students work in groups to identify patterns, similarities and "short-cuts" after doing a few problems
  • work a few together, pausing to teach, then play a few at full speed to promote applying the steps, then pause and teach, and so on.
  • after using a workout and checking answers, let the answers become the problem!  Have students create problems on their paper on using a computer program that demostrate the "short-cut" or math concept.


 Lesson Overviews are in .pdf form and can be printed on one page for student note-taking. It is the same Lesson Overview that is on CSM Online.  If printed from CSM Online, it will not fit onto a single page. Lesson Overviews will give show the Standard, Level, Purpose of the Lesson, Examples, Directions, Hints & Strategies.  It is equivilent to a
 textbook lesson page.

  • Use CSM Lesson Overviews for students to take notes on and do with teacher as they teach a skill
  • Send Lesson Overviews home with students to easily let parents know the purpose, strategy, short-cut, directions, and hints for each lesson.
  • Students and parents can go to CSM ONLINE at home for the same Lesson Overview and Video Tutorial seen in class. Then they can practice the concept using the Flashcard Workouts.
  • Lesson Overviews have Standards, Level, Directions, Hints and Examples.

     Worksheets and Quizzes are in .pdf form and can be used in a variety of ways.  The idea is to make what the teacher projects and what the students have in front of the the exact same thing.  Consistency is the key.  Using multiple senses - hearing, seeing, writing, talking, touching - students are more apt to make the connection.
  • They are easily zoomed in and out and can me moved around to show just a few problems. Students can then come to the board and work the problems.
  • Use Worksheets to create math disscussion, investigation & Cooperative Learning
  • Use Worksheet Answer Keys to let students figure out why the answer is what it is.  Let the find the pattern and rule.
  • Use Multiple Choice Quizzes to help students promote test-taking skills and to compare and contrast.  For example, play the DVD Workout on Multiplication Facts, and have students circle the correct answer before the slide changes. To assess, use the "bubble sheets" or enter into your classroom "clickers"


     Pre-made, no-teacher- prep files that work with most common brands of classroom technology. Saves the teacher time. (CSM Workouts are in Power Point form and can usually be imported into software programs to be used with any brand of classroom technology)

  • Interactive White Boards
  • Wireless Tablets & Chalkboards
  • Student Response Pads. MC & Numeric answers already entered. Teacher just has to deliver lesson


     Having CSM Workouts in Power Point allows teachers many ways to integrate CSM into their classroom delivery.  Power Point is a form that most softwares can easily import into their format.  Power Points also allow teachers many creative uses of CSM.  The possibilites are endless.

  • Make your own handouts, worksheets, quizzes (print a handout 9 to a page, 6 to a page or 3 to a page) with plenty of room for students to show process, write about their solutions, take notes.
  • Great for individualizing materials based on student needs and IEP's.
  • Set timer to deliver slides and a consistent rate.  Use to "slow down" the DVD's for remedial or reteaching
  • Since DVD's are not Random, rearrange slide show and print handout for an assisgnment, quiz, or test. 



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